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Dubat completed

giovedì 11 novembre 2010 , Posted by Giovanni at 18:27

Ciao a tutti,

I've completed this Dubat figure from La Meridiana, a really nice figure to paint if you are lucky with the casting!

I decided to add the rifle strap, and I could have added the "billao" the typical Somalian small dagger these warriors use to wear.

I've attached at the end a picture of the Billao and a photo from the period.

Also, so you know if you want to paint it, these warriors used to wear different pattern for their futa (the long skirt) sometimes checks, stripes or even tartan patterns, what was always white was the turban, again check the photos at the end of the table.

Keep in mind that after 1935 the "futa" became khaki and not white anymore.

Hope this help; let me know what you think!



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