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Marinaio in Uniforme da Sbarco 1873 - Finished - Help needed!

Posted by Giovanni on mercoledì 30 marzo 2011 , under , , , , , , , | commenti (2)

Ciao a tutti,

Finally I've finished the "marinaio" and is ready to be casted.

Have a look and tell me what you think.

But before this, let me spend a couple of words on this project and the scope of this sculpture.

I've decided to cast this piece and make 100 copies of it, still need to decide if in resin or metal.

Once casted, the figure will be given away for 30 euros plus shipping and ALL the money collected will be donated for a good cause, helping children in needs in Africa.

I will cover the production costs, WE will help someone less lucky than us.

I will create a web site and will let you know all the details, if you are interested, please do post a comment or send an email to

Once the pieces are ready I'll make sure you will receive yours.

Also, I will paint the master figure and sell it at auction, again ALL  the money will be donated for charity.

Please stay tuned for more news.



Marinaio in Uniforme da Sbarco 1873

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Ciao a tutti,

This post is a little teaser and is a something I want to start in my blog.

I've decided to go back sculpting, not sure yet if one-of or commercial figures.

Anyway as you know, although my blog is mainly in  english, I'm 1000% Italian, therefore I had to pick an Italian subject!!

I've found this beautiful plate by Quinto Cenni, one of our greatest military artist, representing an officer and a sailor in their "uniformi da sbarco" (landing uniforms), with many details and notes.

I choose the sailor and already decided the pose, I've also gathered the documentation I need, thanks to many friends,and  among all Fante 71 and Dimonios!

Little by little, I will post pictures of the sculpture and of the details and specifications of the item I'm building.

Last but not least I'll try to make a SBS of the paiting of the figure.

Stay tuned and have patience!!! ;-)



Tanti auguri Italia!

Posted by Giovanni on giovedì 17 marzo 2011 , under | commenti (0)

Ciao a tutti,

Today is a great day for me, and for everyone in Italy.

150 years ago we become one single nation.

I want to wish to my beloved country and my fellow italians all the best.

Viva l'Italia!



Paratrooper 82nd airborne-WIP 3

Posted by Giovanni on martedì 15 marzo 2011 , under | commenti (2)

Ciao a tutti,

Thing with the bust are progressing, and I love so much to paint this little gem.

Main body is almost done, I do need to paint the various patches, tide up the parachute webbing, painting the chest cross straps and doing the various d-rings and webbing buckles.

Then I need to start painting the secondary front parachute and the main back one.

Hope you like it, as usual any comment is more than appreciated.



Paratrooper 82nd Airborne - WIP 2

Posted by Giovanni on sabato 12 marzo 2011 , under , , , , , | commenti (0)

Ciao a tutti,

I'm keep on painting this magnificent bust, face, helmet, jacket, life jacket and Thompson are almost complete, each of these has few minor things to fix or paint.

I've used a new method to paint the wooden stock of the gun:

First I painted the stock with a basecoat of a reddish brown, then I did paint random stripes with 3 different colours (a light ochre, a mid brown and a very dark black/brown) over the basecoat.

Once all was dry I took the Burnt Sienna oil colour out of the tube and applied a thick layer; because the oils are transparent by nature, the acrylics base can be seen throug the oil colour !!

It took me 10-15 minutes to achieve this, I then added few marks in oils and once dry I will make the final adjustments.

Hope you like it.




My first bust! Paratrooper 82nd Airborne - WIP 1

Posted by Giovanni on giovedì 10 marzo 2011 , under , , , , , | commenti (7)

Ciao a tutti,

I've just started my first bust ever, quite a challenge for someone who's always painted 54mm, with very few 75mm and even less 90mm..

Anyway, I have to say that this bust is amazingly cast and sculpted, a full 10 for Young miniatures!

I've only completed the front face, and finishing the helmet and life jacket.

As a side note, I've used for the base coat the new Vallejo German Green Brown surface primer and is amazing, smooth and you can airbrush it out of the bottle with no dilution!

Tell me what you think!



Bersagliere, amended version...

Posted by Giovanni on lunedì 7 marzo 2011 , under , , , , , | commenti (0)

Ciao a tutti,

After posting the pictures of the bersagliere, few friends have noticed that I made same mistakes in painting the uniform.

I then decided to make the changes:

Gloves where always black, not white.

The tunic did not have the crimson edge, was all dark blue.

The belt had a crimson fabric layer underneath which shown in a thin crimson line on both upper and lower edge (I hope is clear...).

So please find my amended version.

Hope you like it.