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Marinaio in Uniforme da Sbarco 1873 - Finished - Help needed!

mercoledì 30 marzo 2011 , Posted by Giovanni at 11:26

Ciao a tutti,

Finally I've finished the "marinaio" and is ready to be casted.

Have a look and tell me what you think.

But before this, let me spend a couple of words on this project and the scope of this sculpture.

I've decided to cast this piece and make 100 copies of it, still need to decide if in resin or metal.

Once casted, the figure will be given away for 30 euros plus shipping and ALL the money collected will be donated for a good cause, helping children in needs in Africa.

I will cover the production costs, WE will help someone less lucky than us.

I will create a web site and will let you know all the details, if you are interested, please do post a comment or send an email to

Once the pieces are ready I'll make sure you will receive yours.

Also, I will paint the master figure and sell it at auction, again ALL  the money will be donated for charity.

Please stay tuned for more news.



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  1. CarloAntonio says:

    Ottimo lavoro !! Molto bello , i dettagli sono precisi !! Complimenti. Comunque penso che sia meglio farlo in resina !!


  1. Giovanni says:

    Ciao Carlo,

    Grazie mille, sto vagliando tutte le alternative, io sono un soldatinaro vecchio stile, lo preferirei in metallo, ma vedremo.



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