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Marinaio in Uniforme da Sbarco 1873

mercoledì 30 marzo 2011 , Posted by Giovanni at 08:00

Ciao a tutti,

This post is a little teaser and is a something I want to start in my blog.

I've decided to go back sculpting, not sure yet if one-of or commercial figures.

Anyway as you know, although my blog is mainly in  english, I'm 1000% Italian, therefore I had to pick an Italian subject!!

I've found this beautiful plate by Quinto Cenni, one of our greatest military artist, representing an officer and a sailor in their "uniformi da sbarco" (landing uniforms), with many details and notes.

I choose the sailor and already decided the pose, I've also gathered the documentation I need, thanks to many friends,and  among all Fante 71 and Dimonios!

Little by little, I will post pictures of the sculpture and of the details and specifications of the item I'm building.

Last but not least I'll try to make a SBS of the paiting of the figure.

Stay tuned and have patience!!! ;-)



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