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Video tutorial 3

mercoledì 2 febbraio 2011 , Posted by Giovanni at 01:57

Ciao a tutti,

After a while I've produced my third video tutorial, has been a really long and painful process, and I realised I've so much to learn on shooting videos and editing them, but this is only my third attempt!!!

Anyway, I've explained how to paint in acrylics one of the nightmare of us painter, the BLACK!!

Let me know what you think and as usual, let me know if you need more information.



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  1. Giovanni says:

    Thanks Gordy!

    I'm glad you like it!



  1. Anonimo says:

    Ciao Giovanni quando rilasci il tuo prossimo video?
    Ciao Luca

  1. Giovanni says:

    Ciao Luca,

    Appena ho il tempo di farlo, abbi fede! ;-)

  1. jakijem says:

    Hi from Valencia (Spain)

    I´ve just discovered your blog, and I have to tell you´re doing an excellent work. Specially the videos are very very helpful.

    I can´t wait for more.

    Congrats, and thanks for your effort.

    Kind regards

  1. Giovanni says:

    Hello you from Valencia!

    I'm really happy you like the blog, please do came back when you want with your requests and comments.



  1. Blue in VT says:

    I know this is an old post now but I've just found it and wanted to let you know just how useful it was...I search long and hard for a good technique for painting black and this is the one I decided on...I don't dilute as much as you did but having the highlight colors mixed into the black for a base and then adding more of each in turn for the highlights just makes great sense to me and works well. If you are interested here are some figure I painted using your system...

    warning they are fantasy figures though

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