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Marinaio in Uniforme da Sbarco 1873 - lower half

sabato 29 gennaio 2011 , Posted by Giovanni at 06:56

Ciao a tutti,

Again my life is keeping me away from modelling, but I promised myself to post at least once more before the end of January, so here I'm!

This time I'll show you the progress of the " Marinaio" where you can see progress on the lower part of the figures: gaiters and trouser, essentially.

Let's start from the gaiters, I've dig into my books, asked friends and search the internet (I always do it in this order...) nothing, I can't find a precise reference to the gaiters, only the original drawing I used as inspiration and one from a book I have on the Italian Marina.

I have found a picture and drawing of  gaiters of the army of the same period, and even if these are the Army and not the Navy one, I don't think were very different.

Here is the picture of the miniature witht he gaiters done, but way to tall , I had to shorten them in a second phase.

You can notice that there is another issue with the hat, which is too small compared to the pictures I've found on my books.

I've then proceed to model the trausers, I used A+B white putty, which I had for ages and I think is off now, look at the brownish colour.., then I corrected the trouser with a cutter and fine sanding paper.

I then modified the sculpture adding milliput white, that's why you can see the difference in colour in the trouser.

Also notice how short are the gaiters compared to the picture before as well as how bigger is the hat (which has just been roughly shaped to add volume..).

Well, that's it for today, I hope to write something new soon and maybe post a new video.



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