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US tanker with top hat - Life magazine

lunedì 7 maggio 2012 , Posted by Giovanni at 07:08

Ciao a tutti,

While ago, I found on a friend's blog  a picture from the Life magazine, where a tank crew was posing on a Sherman, and among them one of the guys was wearing a top hat.

I then decided to sculpt this project, and while thinking I asked a friend, Vittorio Arena to build the tank wedge.

He did an excellent job, the only issue is with the cast numbers, which we recently find out where different from the one he did, but this will be an easy correction.

Well, since Vittorio finished the wedge it took 6/7 months before I started to model the figure and I sculpted it over a weekend!!!!

I got so hooked up to the project that I couldn't stop sculpting.

The head is a modified piece from Hornet, the hands and boots are from Friulmodelismo, all the rest is scratch.

Now I have to get going and start painting this little fella, but I'm working on another secret project...stay tuned.

Well I guess I'll handover the wedge to Vittorio so he can amend the mistakes and painting it.

That's all for now, let me know what you think.



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  1. Giovanni says:

    te l'ho detto che ti facevo una sorpresa!!!

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