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Italian Bersaglieri tanker with L6 turret

mercoledì 18 aprile 2012 , Posted by Giovanni at 14:28

Ciao a tutti,

I just finished this very ambitious project (for my skills!!), an Italian tanker with an Italian L6 tank turret during the Russian campaign.

Ambitious because this is my second tank (well a part of it this time) I've ever done; also been able to place the turret with the figure in the minimum space possible and being able to tell a story was another great challenge, last but not least, paint this 1/35 miniature with the tiny details is painful sometimes!

The figure is from Alpine range and was given to me my the owner of the company himself as a gift, I've helped him out with some information about the uniform and he kindly sent me few figures from his range.

The figure is great, incredible details, perfect casting, if I have to find a problem is related toth the double socks, which I had to modify as you can't really tell they actually are double socks from the sculpture and box art, also, the jacket should have more buttons, but this may have been a bespoke jacket, not unseen for officials alike.

The turret and the fuel tank are from Model Victoria, quite expensive bits, but amazing quality and details as well.

The wood box is from Plusmodel and all the tools are plastic kit from a company called Diopark, very nice and you can find all sort of tools.

As for the paint I used my usual technique for the figure, just made an experiment for the leather coat, basically I painted the worn parts with a really light colour, using ochre, Naples yellow even white, when all dried I did paint over glazes of burnt sienna and raw umber.

Talking about the ground work and tank I did apply the technique used by the great modellers, like Mig, Adam Wilder, Mike Rinaldi and all the other great guys that are out there.

To make things easy, I did apply a winter camouflage, this has been the cherry on the cake!

Overall has been great, I loved every bit of this project and I'll try to work on more figure/ tanks project in the future.

I hope you like it, please let me know what you think.






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  1. Ottima impostazione della scenetta e ottimo lavoro di pittura!

  1. Giovanni says:

    Grazie mille Fabrizio!



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