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The little horse..

mercoledì 4 aprile 2012 , Posted by Giovanni at 04:51

Ciao a tutti,

I'm now intrigued by small scale, and free of rules painting.

Reason why is because I can make experiments, try new things, and learn to be more precise.

Enough of my ranting, this is a gem sculpted by Maurizio Bruno and sold directly by him.

I have to say that is an amazing piece with lot of tiny details but also quite expensive...

Has been painted in oils, over an acrylic base, the technique has been learn studying the work of Danilo Cartacci.

I hope you like it, I did enjoy it a lot.



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  1. 6q says:

    Hola bon dia aquest cavall encara que sigui de petites dimensions , es una gran meravella de la pintura i del modelisme

  1. Giovanni says:

    Muchas gracias my friend!



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