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Gaulthier de Rigny - Sculpting - Step 1

giovedì 20 ottobre 2011 , Posted by Giovanni at 15:41

Ciao a tutti,

I'm sculpting our Gaulthier, and for the first time I'm using a technique to replicate the 2D painting in a 3D sculpture.

I've printed the paintinc and with a ruler took the dimension, also, while sculpting I keep comparing the sculpture with the painting by simply putting the figure in front of the printed paper.

The more challenging part is to sculpt a face close enough to the one in the painting, I think I did achieve something similar..ish...

The only commercial part are the lower part of the boots, took from an old Metal Modeles hussar leg set.

Hope you like it, now the really difficult part, making the Pellisse!!!!!!



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